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To provide affordable, quality educational programs that meet the lifelong needs, desires, and goals of students and the global community.

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What is it?

FTCC developed a learning assessment model based on your Military Occupational Specialty, skill level and experience to assist you in earning an Associate in General Eduation (AGE) or other degree. The AGE is transferable and a pathway to earning a high-level degree at a four-year institution.

FTCC is dedicated to serving our military, veteran and civilian students. We understand the challenges you face in earning your degree and strive to provide a supportive and convenient environtment so you can focus on your education.
We offer over 170 programs of study, many of which are 100 percent online. Undergraduate terms last 7 & 16 weeks to give you flexibility and programs are structed to allow greater focus to students.

FTCC understands that investing in the education of soldiers and veterans is not only important for our military but also for the country's workforce. Education helps to develop talent, skill, and intellect - skills needed in both military and post-military jobs. We appreciate your service and are committed to helping you become not only the best warfighter in the world, but also the best educated.


The FTCC Fort Bragg Center is conveniently located in the Bragg Training and Education Center, and provides counseling, registration, and testing services for the convenience of military personnel and their families.

Bragg Training and Education Center
4520 Knox Street
Fort Bragg NC 28310
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Five easy steps to enroll

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1. Apply for administration

All active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component students seeking to complete a degree with FTCC by using Army Tutition Assistance (TA) need to appply to college through the GoArmyEd portal using the Commmon Application.

2 Provide documentation to ftcc

To be fully admitted to FTCC, all students must submit their High School transcript and complete a Common Application. To receive potential transfer credit, students should submit teh following official transcripts: Joint Service Transcript (JST) and transcripts from any previous insitutions attended; and any official score reports for College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), and DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

3. Plan your courses

After submitting your Common Application, FTCC will notify you by email and letter within 2-3 business days letting you know your seven-digit student ID number, default password, and additional instructions for logging into WebAdvisor and Blackboard

4. register your course(s)

All active, Reserve Army, and National Guard students who wish to receive TA for their course(s) must register through the GoArmyEd portal. The courses are available for registration in the GoArmyEd 2 months prior to the course start date.

5. pay for your courses

All Army students who register for courses via GoArmyEd will be prompted to verify the correct payment information prior to completing any course registration. As you proceed through the steps, the "Enrollment Request Information" screen will be displayed. Please be sure to review the class cost and information closely. Pay attention to the class cost covered by TA (in the GoArmyEd Amount field) and the class cost that you must self-pay (in the Student Amount field). Any amount listed in the "Student Amount" field will then be billed to you by FTCC.

For detailed information, download the 5 Steps PDF

to get started

All of the following programs apply to Active Duty, National Guard, Reserver Component and Veterans. Additional Career Management Fields/Military Occupational Specialties will contionue to be added as evaluated.

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